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Certified Event Planner
To be a certified event planner or not to be a certified event planner, that is the question!
We often believe that having credentials behind our name makes us more desirable and increases our pay rate.
When is comes to Event Planning does that really work? Should one focus on the certification, rather than the promotions of their skills; or should they do both? Having a name for yourself and a strong clientele requires strategic planning/promotions, time, money and knowledge pertaining to the industry. Why not take a few courses to learn the market trend, develop and improve your skills, and expand on your knowledge. Become a certified event planner. There’s many online companies that offers reasonable tuition rates. One Dream Vision Event Planning Services’ (www.onedreamvision.com) favorite party planning and event planning online company is Trendimi.  http://www.trendimi.com/coursemanager/campus offers many accredited online courses. You can achieve your certification as a Kids Party Planner, Wedding Planner or all -in one Party Planner and/ or Event Planner. They also have great deals on Groupon.

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